Siddhar Jeeva Samadhi in and around chennai

There are 10000000 more Siddhar Jeeva Samadhi in and around you,  but now some of Soul 

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This will be Virtual Darshan for the persons who not yet visited this jeeva samadhi temples and i would like to thank the great souls who allowed to Publish..

Siddhar Jeeva Samadhi in and around chennai – To have the feel of temple and easy for the new person who plans to visit the jeeva samadhi for the first time.  

     2 years before my beloved friend Mr. Ananthu shared this valuable information in his siddhargroups by email [ between 05/05/2010 -20/05/2010 ] . all information & images taken from internet. If any clarification & any chennai siddhar jeeva left in this list  .please drop mail me [ ] .


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1.Sadhanandha swamigal jeeva samadhi temple perungulathur chennai

[ MY Guru ]

Srimat Sadhananda Swamigal Ashramam, Alapakkam – Sadhanandapuram, Chennai. 600063.Also contain samadhi’s of his disciples …narayana swamingal,agandapuri swamigal,mayaa swamigal and gopal swamigal.Take left at the left turn before perungalathur police station and go further 1km in the second road bend u will find the temple board at your left ,take that turn and take first right and take first left in will ends at this Jeeva samadhi temple.It will be open from morning 7 to 11am and 4 pm to 7 pm.

site: Sadhanandaswamigal Blogspot Call: Harimanikandan h/p 9841267823 .


2.  Mouna guru swamigal jeeva samadhi temple thiruvotriyur chennai 

Take the road opposite to vadivudai amman koil street that is appar swamy koil street and then take the road opposite to appar swamy koil street road.(Just cross the beach road ) And in that road take the right turn and reach parallel road ,in that road in the right side there will be sadai swamigal temple , go about few meters and take left(Small cut road)  beside graveyard and walk about 100 mts. Ther will be mouna guru swamigal jeeva samadhi temple. Time 6 to 12 and 5 to 8pm

mouna guru swamy


3. Gurulinga swamigal jeeva samadhi temple saidapet chennai:

 10/92 , Karaneeswarar Temple Street,Saidapet.100 meters from karaneeshwarar temple saidapet. chennai



4.Gangadhara Swamigal jeeva samadhi temple:

After sisiting Nadhamuni swamigal temple go down below the fly over bridge then u will find mcc school at ur right in 200 to 300 meters.Opposite to MCC school is the Harrington road 6th avenue .Go further for 100 Meters then you will find the Temple at right sdie.Address:Jaya Vinayakar Temple, Harrington Road 6th Avenue, Chetpat.Time 6.30 to 9 and 5 to 8pm

5.Ganapathi siddhar jeeva samadhi temple

alias istha lingeshwar templeIn the richie street signal at mount road take the road opposite to hotel vasantha bhavan is the wallaja road it will join at MGR samadhi/Marina beach.In the wallaja road go for 500 meters and take left road which is opposite to MCC stadium and which is just before the fly over that road go further 100 meters u will find this templs just before chennai press club.

6.Padagacheri ramalinga swamigal jeeva samadhi temple-thiruvotriyur

After the vadivudai amman temple entrance road ,take the second right.That road is market road as well as pattinathar koil street road ,in that road you will find a vallalar madam.Back side to that vallalar madam is the Jeeva samadhi temple.Time 9 to 12 and 4 to 7pm.One old name named Mr.arumugam will be there and having the key for the temple.Ask him to open he will open and show the samadhi temple.10 meters after this temple is appudu swamigal jeeva samadhi temple.For this temple key is also available with that old man.

7.Appudu swamigal jeeva samadhi temple -thiruvotriyur

Very Near to padagachery ramalinga swamigal temple about 10 meters after that temple.Thiruvotriyur.10 meters from padagacheri ramalinga swamigal temple.

8.Mahadevendra saraswathi IV jeeva samadhi temple-thiruvotiyur

Mahadevendra Saraswati Jeeva Samadhi Alayam, Sankara Madam Location: Sankara madam (take left at the vadivudai amman temple entrance and take right road .Then u will find the temple in 50 meters at your right side.), Thiruvottiyur, Chennai.Time 7 to 9 and 5 to 7 pm

9.Nirdisaianandar swamigal jeeva samadhi temple-triplicane

Start from light house of marina beach road and go around 200 meters you will find vivekananda house,take immediate left road .This road is Dr.Beasnt road.Take second left in that road and take first right and go around 150 meters then you will find the jeeva samadhi temple at the left side.OR take right turn from Ice house police station and take the road opposite to parthasarathy temple arch and go futher in the first left road then you will find the temple at your right side after 2oo meters.Address :Gajapathy Lala Street, Krishnampet.Disciple of Saangu siddha sivalinga nayanar .

10.Mounandha swamigal samadhi temple-Ambattur

OTNo.52,Mouna Swami Madam street,ambattur OT,chennai-53.Inside amdattur OT bustand two roads will be going take the left road .this road is muona swamigal madam street.Go around 300 meters then you will find the 52 inside the house at the left end is the samadhi temple .it is opposite to vallalar kottam gyana sabai in that road.

11.Pamban swamigal Jeeva samadhi temple – thiruvanmiyur

Take the(left end corner road corner road) road opposite to thiruvanmiyur bus satnd and go further 200 meters and take right turn and go to dead end and take left turn and go around 200 meters then u will find the Temple atyour right side.Arulmighu Pamban Kumaragurudasar Thirukoil, Mayurapuram, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 41. .*Backside of pamban swamigal samadhi is the samadhi of subramanya Dasar in the same temple.*Open from 6 to 12 am & 4 to 9pm

12.sakkarai Ammal Jeeva Samadhi Temple -Thiruvanmiyurake

the(left end corner road corner road) road opposite to thiruvanmiyur bus satnd and go further 200 meters and take right turn and again take second left turn then u will see the temple at your left side with in 20 meters.AddressNo 31, Kalakshetra road, (near Pamban Swamigal temple), Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600041 .open from 6 to 9am & 5 to 8 pm.Temple is always open .anybody can go and see the samadhi through via gate.

13.Mouna Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi temple(3 Jeeva samadhi’s) -Thiruporur

Thiruporur is located at 45km from chennai and 15 km from mahabhalipuram.Get down at thiruporur bustand and move back ward direction and take the first right and move 20 meters and take first left and go for 150 meters then u will find Mouna swamigal temple at your left and befor to chidambara swamigal jeeva samadhi temple.Sri Mouna Swamigal Madam, Thiruporur – 603110.Also contains samadhi of Mouna swamigal (Main Peetam) and nest one is Sambandha moorthy(Second Peetam) swamigal and subramanya swamigal(Third peetam) in the staright line.Time.7 to 1 pm and 3 to 8pm.

14.Chidambara Swamigal Jeeva samadhi Temple(With samadhi of his 12 disciples)-

thiruporur Thiruporur is located at 45km from chennai and 15 km from mahabhalipuram.Get down at thiruporur bustand and move back ward direction and take the first right and move 20 meters and take first left and go for 150 meters then u will find Mouna swamigal temple at your left and move further 10 meters and take right turn and u will see the Chidambara swamigal jeeva samadhi temple.Also contains samadhi of his 12 disciples.Thiruporur – 603110.time 7 to 1 pm and 3 to 8 pm.

15.Vadapalani siddhar jeeva samadhi temple(3 Jeeva samadhis)

Anna Samy,Rathinasamy,Bagyalingam)Next to Valli Thirumana Mantapam, Nerkundram Road, Vadapalani, Chennai – 600026. Go to the back side of of vadapalani murugan temple through the vadapali murugan koil entrance.,and take the second left This road is nerkundarm road.When u go 100 meters in the road then you will find valli thirumana mandapam at your left next to this is the siddhar jeeva samadhi temple.Jeeva samadhi’s of Annasamy siddhar,Rathinasamy siddhar and Bagyalingam siddhar are there in the temple.Time 8 to 12 am and 5 to 8 pm.

16.Omkarananda – Kodambakkam – Chennai

Sri Omkara Swami madam, Gnanodaya mandram (Dawn of Knowledge institute), Gnanodaya Alayam, Dr Subbarayan Nagar, Kodambakkam, Chennai -600034 Ph: 24841024 Bus 17d,37d, 25e, 25b ask for samiyar madam and opp to this stop is the samadhi. OR When u come from valluvar kottam after pass over the kodambakkam fly over and take the first left turn after power house bus stop and go around 400 meters and u will find Brown star hotal at right side ….Take that right in 20 meters u will find the temple. Temple Timings. 6.30 to 11 and 6 to 9pm

17.pattinathar Jeeva samadhi Temple

Get down at Tiruottiyur Market Bus Stop.or take the road opposite to vadivudai amman temple road.That road is appar swamy koil road.Come to the end of the road and take left.Go further 300 meters you will find on the right small display board saying way to go patinathar temple.Go in that road around 100 meters then you will find his temple.time 9.00 to 12pm and 4 to 7pm.

18 . veeraraghavar jeeva samadhi temple- thiruvotriyur

After worshipping the patinathar samadhi and reach the main road once again take left and go further 200 meters on the main road ,then u will find Veeraraghavar jeeva samadhi temple near to thiruvatriyur cemetry on your left(Burrial Ground).

19.Lord govindadass jeeva samadhi temple

G.P. Road Near Mahavir and Co .Take the immediate road on left side after popular tyres company.Before the first print office.No one look after this Jeeva Samadhi.Its is poor state all the waste materials are put in this place because of no proper maintenance..Thus place will be look as old mandapam. Or in the mount road when u start from tarapore towers towards spencers,take the first left from tarapore towers which will be in 100 meters …This road is G.P road.But it is one way.At the end of the road before 10 meters u will find popular tryes company on your left.This samadhi is in the road attached before to the popular tryes company.

20.Kozhipi Swamigal (Sri Satyananda siddhar).

Inside right side of Saibaba Temple (oppositeto guindy bus stop) Guindy.

21.Thadikara swamigal – Jeeeva samadhi temple,Alandur,chennai Alandur.

Go in the MNK road and corss the fly over and take first right on the road, take left turn on the vembulisubedar street.On the vembuli subedar street take left on hadikara swami koil street,.In this street you will find small left turn of 10meters lenght.Go towards it u will find his samadhi is open always.only gate will be closed but u can see the jevva samadhi from the gate.

22.Veera Subbaiah Swamigal Jeeva samadhi temple-Veppery chennai.

Take the left road (perambur barracks road) below the purasaivalkam fly over when u come from abirami theater. Take the road opposite to Buvaneshwari Theatre .you will find jeeva samadhi temple very near to your left side. Address: Thavathiru Veera Subbaiah Swamigal Madam, 52, Perambur barracks road, Vepery, Chennai .Ph: 26691475. Temple timings: morn: 6.30 to 11am and 4.30 to 8.30pm.(Disciple of Sri Karapatra Sivaprakasa Swamigal)

23.Easur Satchidhananthar -Purasaiwalkam,chennai

Take the left road (perambur barracks road) below the purasaivalkam fly over when u come from abirami theatre.In the perambur barrtacks road Opposite to Vasanthi Theatre, is the Venkatachala bhaktan street.In that street there will be Easur Satchitananthar Temple,.Time 5 to 8 am and pm.

24.Saangu Siddha Sivalinga Nayanar jeeva samadhi temple, alandur,chennai

Ezhumalai Swamigal,Kollapuri Swamigal (3 jeeva samadhi’s)”- Guindy- No 36, Bringu Managar (opposite toMaangulam) M.K.N. Road, Guindy, Chennai – 600032.Elumalai swamigal and kollapuri swamigal are disciples of saangu siddhar, lingam between two sides of saangu siddhar samadhi are the samadhi of his disciples.It is open any time. When u come from madhyakailsah towards guindy rountana ,before giundy bridge there will be a one way.Go in that one way and take first left ……road will ends in the jeeva samadhi temple.

25.Karapatra Swamigal Jeeva samadhi temple – Vyasar padi – chennai

Opposite to Ambedkar College comes Palla Street, Samiyar Thottam, Vyasarpadi. Near to karapatra swamigal samadhi (main linga peedam of temple) is the palli peetam is the samadhi of muthananda swamigal.Inside the same compund back side another two jeeva samadhi’s of Gyani Thayammal and Muthu kumara swamigal are there.Near to this first one is Kannapa swamigal and next one is amjikarai swamigal. samadhi of Srimat Ubaya Ityadi Ramanuja Yatheeshwara Swamigal is also there inside the same compound.Time 6 to 12 and 4 to 7 pm.

26.Guru Dhakshinamoorthy swamigal jeeva samadhi temple tondaraipet chennai

Guru Dakshinamurthy Temple, Railway Colony, Tondiarpet. Take the road below mint bridge and go in the road and cross the fly over bridge .And go in the railway colony road .Temple is very near to it.Time 6 to 12 and 4 to 8

27.Mayil Andavar Jeeva samadhi temple thiruvotriyur chennai

Road opposite to vadivudai amman temple road is the Appar swamy koil street .Third parallel road form appar samy koil street is the ellaiammam street in that road next to ellaiamman temple on the right side is the Mayil Andavar Samadhi Temple, Thiruvatriyur.

28 Sadai Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi Alayam. Thiruvotriyur chennai

Take the road opposite to vadivudai amman koil street that is appar swamy koil street and then take the road opposite to appar swamy koil street road.(Just cross the beach road ) And in that road take the right turn and reach parallel road ,in that road in the right side there will be sadai swamigal temple.


Nandhamuni swamigal jeeva samadhi temple

Take the road adjacent to Pachaiappa College and take 4th right and go around 100 meters and you will find the jeeva samadhi temple at your right side.Temple name is Nadhamuneeswarar alayam.Time 6.30 to 9.30

30.Sarba siddhar Jeeva samadhi temple near near pattu maangadu chennai

It is located between maangaddu and pattu maangaddu route.Take the metal road and go to Govindarajapuram you will find the jeeva samadhi temple.It is back side to SMIT Engg college.Time 8 to 9.30 and 4.30 to 7.30.Sunday 8 to 12 and 4 to 9pm.

31.Vibbothi baba jeeva samadhi temple chromepet

chennaiSai Viboothi Baba Seva Samajam, 83 1st Main Road, M.C. Nagar, Chitlapakkam, P.O., Chennai.Get in to the fly over bridge at chromepet and take left and again take left and take right after indian bank,hasthinapuram branch and at the dead end there will be telephone exchange take left from there and take fourth right …this road is mc raman nagar go further for 20 meters then you will find saibaba temple at your right .This is the viboothi bab’s jeeva samadhi temple and samadhi is placed near back to saibaba statue.

32.Ethiraja raja yogi jeeva samadhi temple oorapakkam chennai

Take left at oorapakkam that road is karanaipuducherry road and go further 3km in that road .Opposite to the Mariammam koil street display board go further around 30meters in the sand road then you eill find the jeeva samadhi temple. Address: -Karanaipuducheri village via Oorapakkam. 7, Mariamman Koil street Karanaipuducheri.

33. Subbiah swamigal jeeva samadhi temple Thirukalukundram

18kms from Dhindivanam,Before Thirukazhmkundram Siva temple you will find petrol bank in your right adjacent to that that is the Jeeva samadhi temple in the main road, when u come from chengelpattu via thirukalukundram.-

34.Malayala swamigal jeeva samadhi temple Guduvancherry chennai

Near to nandheeshwarar temple in nandhavaram,guduvancherry.Ask for nandeeshwarar temple and take immediate right from that temple,there will be samll road go between hut ho uses go to that road end anad take left from there and go further 20 mts then you will see the temple at your right.This temple is just inside the road.

35. Sundaramoorthy swamigal ongur

14km from melmaruvathur via dhindivanamSundaramurthy Swamigal temple,ongur which is after 14km from melmaruvathur via dhindivanam.its is on the right side in the main road itself.

36.Moonambigai,Gyanambigai,Ramaswamigal jeeva samadhi temple nanganallur chennai

Pongi Madalayam .Pongi Madalayam Street,State bank colony, Nanganallur, Chennai – 600061 (In nanganallur go to MGR road inthe MGR road go in Modern high school road,take first right and first left.pooja 7.ooam .Ask request in the next house they will open the temple.


37.Muthulinga swamigal jeeva samadhi temple –

royapettah high roadWhen u start at radhakrishnan salai you will find the bridge passing over this road .That road is royapettah high road.Take left from that bridge and go around 400 to 500 meters then you will find this temple at your right. Straight Opposite of state bank of indore bank is the jeeva samadhi temple and diagonal opposite to hotel swagath in royapettah high road.

38. Adi seshananda jeeva samadhi temple valluvar kottam chennai:

Shiva Temple, Near ValluvarKottam, Nungambakkam.When u come from kodambakkam high road to valluvar kottam signal from jemini fly ouver,take rioght at valluvar kottam signal,go further 100 meters then u will find this temple at your left 30 meters before the next signal.It will be open only in mondays from 10 to 2 pm.

39.Kulandhai velayudha swamigal jeeva samadhi temple thirukachur Near singaperunmal koil

Kulandaivel Swamigal Temple, near Maruntheeswarar Temple, Tirukachur. Corss the singaperumal koil level cross and go rurther 500 meters and take the right from there(Display borad says way to thiyagarajar temple) go to dead end and take left ,gop in that road this road will go to marundeeshwarar temple,thirukachur ,near to this temple is the jeeva samadhi temple you will find in in your right. Temple having another jeeva samadhi of Veeraasamy samadhi temple.

40.Kalanginathar Jeeva samadhi temple Ekampareshwarar temple Kancheepuram:Idapeshwarar sannidhi at Ekamparanathar Temple, Kanchipuram

41.Kaduveli siddhar Jeeva samadhi temple Kancheepuram:

It is around 300 to 400 meters from ekamparanathar temple,kancheepuram.When u you start from ekamparanathar temple entrance take immediate left and go to the road end and take left turn anfd go for 10 to 20 meters then wait there then u will find the dargha (Amudha valli dargha) at your right side (Inside).from there there will be small route to reach the dargha.Then reach that dargha ,then see left side there will be a lingam at 100 meter distance.This is kaduveli siddhar jeeva samadhi.If you reach the darga in another route then u will see lingam back side to that dargha in 100 meter distance.

42 . Adi sankarar Kamatchi amman temple Kancheepuram :

Inside kamatchi amman temple ,kancheepuram.After worshipping kamatchi amman and when u come around then you will find Adi sankarar sannidi at your left end.

43.Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathy Swamigal temple Kancheepuram :

Inside sankara madam near to ekampareshwarar temple,kancheepuram.

44..Karapasavaraja Desikendrar swamigal temple Kancheepuram:

It is around 2 to 3km from ekamparaeshwarar temple at kancheepuram and take right road when you start from the ekampraeshwarar temple and go further 2 to 3 km and ask for arakonnam road.In the arakonnam road there will be panchupettai .At panchupettai go in panchupettai big street and go around 200 meters then u will find panchupettai samll street .Go in that road ,that road ends at this temple. Address.No.5, Panchupettai Small Street,Panchupettai.

45.Siva samy siddhar temple Kancheepuram :

It is around 2 to 3km from ekamparaeshwarar temple at kancheepuram and take right road when you start from the ekampraeshwarar temple and go further 2 km and ask for velliakulam street or siva samy madam.They will guide you. Address:Siva Swami Madam, Vellaikulam Street,Near cremation ground, Kanchipuram.

 46.Ramamoorthy bhramath swamigal -Saaram near Thindivanam

8 km before dindivanam near saaram on the chennai tindivanamm highway on saaram,take right at union office go further 30 meters after the high school you will find this jeeva samdhi temple.

47.Madurai swamigal Saaram near Thindivanam

Near to ramamoorthy swamigal jeeva samadhi temple about 15 meters.8 km before dindivanam near saaram on the chennai dindivanamm highway on saaram,take right at union office go further 30 meters after the high school you will find this jeeva samdhi temple.It is always open

48.Thava munivar jeeva samadhi temple chennai

After crossing the chennai fort station fly over in 20 meters you will find indain oil petrol bunk,take the adjacent left after the petrol bunk then you will find the Dhava munieshwarar temple at your left in 10 meters.

49.Roma Maharashi Jeeva samadhi temple

Vadivudai amman koil temple thiruvotriyur.

Askasa lingam sannidhi is the the samadhi of romarishi inside vadivudai amman temple at thiruvotriyur.

50.Appar swamigal jeeva samadhi temple –

royapettah high road When u start at radhakrishnan salai you will find the bridge passing over this road .That road is royapettah high road.Take right from that bridge and go around 300 meters then you will find this temple at your right.It is just Opposite to Sanskrit College. Arulmighu Apparswamy Thirukoil, 171, Royapettah High road, Mylapore, Chennai – 600004 Time 7 to 12 and 4 to 8 pm

51. Srimath Chidambara Periya Swamigal ,Velachery

Srimad Chidambara Periya Swamigal Alayam in Velachery Main Road Near Nandhiniee Sweets , Gandhi salai Turning Bus stop. Temple is like a ganasha Temple but inside Srimad Chidambara Periya Swamigal samadhi and also 18 Siddhar deity .

52Arooran swamigal samadhi temple near Tank Mylapore

Above 150 years Arooran swamigal samadhi temple near Tank Mylapore , he wrote “Mayilai sthalapuranam” came from Kunnakudi adheenam.Arooran samadhi temple ,Adam Street,South mada street,Mylapore – chennai ,Beside street Hotal karpagam ,Manage by :Pandarasannadhi of the Kunnakudi thiruvannamalai mutt – [Kunnakudi adheenam]

53. Sadguru Satchidananda Swamigal , Tambaram Camp Road.

Sadguru Satchidananda Swamigal on Velachery Main Road , Rajakilpakkam,  near to Tambaram camp road junction , before Shell petrol bunk (

54. Sri La Sri Durgai Siddhar

The Jay Durga Peetam , About 20’th km from Tambaram on  Padappai-Orgadamkootroad road  Kanchipuram highway .(2 km from padappai )  601301 . opposite side off jamaai ice cream factory .You can have Dharshan of MAA Jaya Durga, Swarna Akarshana Bhairava, Raja Karuppanna Swami , MAA Varahi and others. This is one of the rare temples for MAA Varahi.

55. Sri Ayya Suriyanatha Karuvoorar Ayya

Sri Ayya Suriyanatha Karuvoorar Ayya Jeeva Samadhi Alayam Location: Ambattur. Contact Address: Pathinen Siddhar madam, No 13, Kumaraswamy Street, Varadharajapuram, Ambattur, Chennai – 600053

56.Om Sri Bhaghavan Mouna Guru Kannappa Swamy

Om Sri Bhaghavan Mouna Guru Kannappa Swamy Jeeva Samadhi (Satti siddhar or Satti Samiyar) at Kavangarai,Puzhal, Chennai-68. Near Kavangarai bus stop one Arch is there in the name of Swamiji. From that arch it is 10 miniutes walk to reach that Asram.Swamiji’s GURU POOJA is on 14.10.2012(Sunday) You can contact Thiru vaithiyar N.Ramamoorthy – 9840759428 and Gowri Srinivasan – 9381790259.

57. Paranjothi mahan – New Washermenpet

 Mahan written a book in Tamil called “Naan Kadavul” (I – God)

Universal Peace Sanctuary , No. 7/4, T.H. Road, New Washermenpet, (Near Tolgate Bus Terminus) ,Chennai – 600 081. Tamilnadu, India. Mobile: +91 94441 38074 Way map

18 Siddhar Temple at Madambakkam

Located very near to the Dhenupureeswarar Temple, this temple, called the Universal Shrine was constructed as instructed by the Sathguru Seshadhri Swamihal of Thiruvannamalai. Dedicated to the Mother Goddess in her form as the Maha Meru as per the ancient Sri Vidya tradition, to the 18 Siddhars – masters of infinite enlightenment and to the Sathguru, the Universal Temple is today a temple of peace and solace. A unique complex the Universal Shrine is the only one of its kind in the world reflecting the depth of India’s spiritual traditions, the sacred system of Sri Vidya and the mystical heritage of the sages of God realization.


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    I’m grateful to you for giving an useful information about siddha purushas.

    thank you


  7. vaijayanthi Says:

    i am searching for a jeeva samadhi of devar singa mudaliar near kancheepuram old railway station. please post the details if u know..

  8. OGANATHAN Says:


  9. Mohan S Says:

    Hi Ananthu,

    It is a good compilation of information along with address. With little personal effort, I hope this will help me to reach these places.

    Thank you very much.

  10. balram Says:

    dear ananthu,


    let any one criticize or bless you, it is all the same. you have choosen the journey to the ultimate.

    any one can show directions, but journey begins with our own steps.

    kindly update often.

    let Divine showers its light through ur path


  11. Jagadeeswaran T Says:

    Very fine, Pls donot stop with this. There are still more jeeva samathi’s inside and near chennai itself. Keep on updating.

    Pls include : Periaswamygal jeeva samathi at Velachery.
    It is near IIT velachery gate. Very close to bus stand.
    Any doubts

    Call 94442 22418
    Jagadeeswaran t

  12. j.srinivas Says:

    so good more blessed u, dear pl give in the area of coimbatore erode tirupur pollachi udumalpet dharapuram trichy bz am locationg in tirupur sir.

  13. venden Says:

    Thanks and it is a great service to seekers

  14. Prakash Says:

    Thank you, very useful site for Chennaites

  15. venkatesh Says:

    plz post if you have any details of siddha purushas jeeva samadhi…in and around coimbatore..

    Thank you again


  16. muralidharan Says:

    thank you very much and its a great service, and i have given one small information about siddhargal . sridanvantri arogya peedam walajapet vellore dt srimuralidharaswamigal installed 468 siddhargal insivalinga roopam at peedam premisses,and also vallar mahaavatar baba shirdi sai raghavandarar mahan kulaiananda swamigal puthar mahavir seshadriswamigal ramanar gurunanak saints dities please visit
    by s,muralidharan

  17. Prabhu Ramalingam Says:

    Dear Mr.Ananthu,

    Thankyou so much for your effrot. God bless you for your painstaking efforts. By growing modern we are missing such siddhars who were lived and served us.

    Seriously you done a good job… keep up the spirit. I request you to publish this in small bit notice and hand it over to the people when you meet them.

    With lots and lots of thanks

    Prabhu Ramalingam

  18. balamurugan Says:

    u done good thing

  19. Dr.Hema Says:

    lots of thanks .Dr.Hema

  20. venkatesh CG Says:

    sure and thanks Dr.Hema

  21. Mona Says:

    I went to Adi seshananda jeeva samadhi temple valluvar kottam with eager on last monday 12 ‘o’ clock. but it was not opened. A security nearby told pooja is done occasionally, not on fixed days.
    It is just infront of the Annai Teresa Magalir Valagam at the back of Valluvar kottam.

  22. Mona Says:

    If anybody knows more about pathinen siddhar madam at Ambattur, please write.Is it like Madambakkam siddhar temple?

    • Dr. S. Ananthakrishnan Says:

      Sri Ayya Suriyanatha Karuvoorar Ayya Suriyanatha Karuvoorar Jeeva Samadhi Alayam Location: Ambattur. Contact Address: Pathinen Siddhar madam, No 13, Kumaraswamy Street, Varadharajapuram, Ambattur, Chennai – 600053

      • Mohana Says:

        Sir Thank you,
        This information is already given here. My doubt is whether all pathinen Siddhars idols are there? Pooja timings,days, landmark, route etc? Because those who are in west Chennai will find Madambakkam Siddhar temple far away.

    • Mohana Says:

      I went there to find a new Apartment in this place now.

  23. baskaran Says:

    is there any siddhar samadhi in mambakkam near at chennai

  24. R.Esakkiraja Says:

    Dear sir.iwant meet you. pls my ph.9940386745

  25. siva Says:

    Thanks a lot and god bless you. Dear friends pls share more information

  26. gopalan Says:

    Fine. Pl inform anybody interested in visiting these samadhis in groups on Sundays.


  27. bharathy jayakumar Says:

    thanks a lot very useful info. i was searching for the siddhars jeeva samadhi . this info was very useful keep it up.

  28. R.Esakkiraja Says:

    Dear sir.pls sent RUTRAKCHAM DETAILS for counting.thanks sir.

  29. L.Srinivasan Says:

    I went to swami Nidisiyanandar samadi yesterday evening. I was told that the pujari comes in the evening between 6.00pm to 7.30pm This information may be useful to devotees who desire to visit

  30. R.Sridharan Says:

    Dear Sir, Vanakkam. You can add OM SRI BHAGHAVAN MOUNA GURU KANNAPPA SWAMY JEEVA SAMADHI (Satti siddhar or Satti Samiyar) at Kavangarai,Puzhal, Chennai-68. Near Kavangarai bus stop one Arch is there in the name of Swamiji. From that arch it is 10 miniutes walk to reach that Asram. You can contact Thiru vaithiyar N.Ramamoorthy – 9840759428 and Gowri Srinivasan – 9381790259. A very good divine place and the swami has done lot of blessings to all. You must visit at once. Swamiji’s GURU POOJA is on 14.10.2012(Sunday). Have a trip and have the blessings of the great swamiji. R.SRIDHARAN,BHEL, RANIPET-632406 (Cell: 9486237605)

  31. CK MURUGAN Says:

    Dear Sir, thanks for your information.


  32. Santhana Says:

    Sri Sidhambara swamikal temple, Velachery which is located near to Velachery Thandeeswaram sivan temple.

  33. madhanagopal.T Says:

    Gud effort..
    I wish to share sme places tat i knw..,
    1.mootai swamigal – he is stilll alive – kanakampatti – Palani
    2.sidhar jeeva samadhi koil – nr by bus stand,in centre of this village – Maanur – Palani
    3.maanur swamigal – saamiar thoopuu – via Maanur – Palani
    4.Alukku swamigal – vaetaikarampudur – Pollachi,coimbatore
    5.kodi swamigal – puravipalayam – Pollachi,coimbatore
    6.Thannasi swamigal – YAELUR PIRIVU – KINATHUKADAVU,Pollachi rd,coimbatore
    7.Vellalur swamigal – behnd patti vinayakar tmple – inside thoappuu – Perur pattiswarar temple,coimbatore
    8.Venkataramana swamigal – Rmakrishnamill pirivu – near big bridge,r.j.schol – vilankurichi,coimbatore
    9.Saamaya swamigal – pannimadai,Thudialur – coimbatore
    10.Pulipaani siddhar Jeevasaamaadhi – mallankuli – the pple call dis small hill plce as GOWSI SIDESWARA Temple – Thaalavaadi – Coimbatore.
    11.Pulipaani siddhar Jeevasaamaadhi 2 – the pple call dis plce as Malligarjuna Temple – Thaalavaadi – Coimbatore.
    12.Sidddhar swamigal – Chandrasuudeswara tmple – Hosur
    13.Sri Bramendrar Siddhar Jeeva Samadhi aalayam,Nerur,10 km Fm KARUR.
    In search of Bliss,

    • venkatesh .g Says:

      Thanks a lot…. Mr.madhanagopal ji…I wonder that so many jeeva samadhi’s are in and around coimbatore…thank u once again heartily..

  34. S.Gnanasambandam Says:

    Vazhga Valamudan
    very useful collecttion. some more additional siddhar peedams:
    At velachery, Chennai near Gandhi Road – Sri Chidambaram Periya Swamigal Samathi and Ambalavana swamigal samadhi
    thank u
    velachery, chennai-42

  35. s.muthusamy, 24A, Chatram street, Tuticorin -2 mobile 8903872038 Says:

    please inform m e about the jeeeva samathis at tirunelveli distreict, tamil nadu

  36. s.muthusamy, 24A, Chatram street, Tuticorin -2 mobile 8903872038 Says:

    I would like to know about uthupatti swamigal ion the web site which is near Kurumalai, Kovilpatti, tuticorin district, tamil nadu
    thanking you,

  37. temple Says:

    In tiruttani, there is jothi swamy ashram, It is a jeeva samadhi of jothi swamy. The samadhi can be found near the railway station.

  38. Ambika Says:

    Om Kriya Babaji Namah Om
    Namasthae to one and all

    We , disciples with our guru of BABAJI SREE CHAKRA DHYANA KENDRA visited 18 Siddhargal Temple with the main shrine of Lalitha Merur at Madambakam and 16 Shrines of Mother Goddess at Padappai. Both beyond Tambaram. A wonderful experience visiting with our Guru getting the guidance and knowledge about each peedams.

  39. loordhsami Says:

    thanks a lot very useful info. i was searching for the siddhars jeeva samadhi . this info was very useful.great thanks to you.

  40. Umamahesh Says:

    சிவ மையம்
    மகான் ஸ்ரீ குருலிங்க சுவாமிகளின் 126வது குருபூஜை அழைப்பிதழ்
    சென்னை சைதாப்பேட்டை காரணிஸ்வரர்
    07-12-2012 வெள்ளிக்கிழமை

    மாலை 6:00 சந்தனக்காப்பு அலங்காரம்
    08-12-2012 சனிக்கிழமை
    மாலை 6:30 – 8:30 பக்தி சொற்பொழிவு – அருள் ஞான பீடம்
    09-12-2012 ஞாயிற்றுக்கிழமை
    மாலை 4:30 – 6:00 அருட்பெருஞ்ஜோதி அகவல் பாராயணம்
    மாலை 6:30 – 9:00 தேவார திருப்புகழ் இன்னிசை – கே.எஸ். கிருஷ்ணமூர்த்தி குழுவினரின் பக்தி பாடல்கள்
    10-12-2012 திங்கட்கிழமை
    காலை 6:00 — 9:00 அபிஷேகமும் ஆராதனையும்

    – பாக்கியம்மாள் அறக்கட்டளை

    thanks and regards,

    Adampakkam, Chennai.
    பகல் 12:30 அன்னதானம்
    மாலை 7:00 குருவீதி உலா
    இரவு 12:00 திருப்பவடம் பூஜை

  41. rukmani Says:

    thankyou very much . great service you did thru these informations !

  42. vishwayogadharshan Says:

    May Guru Maharaj bless you for the careful painstaking effort.

  43. Mohana Says:

    It seems Roma rishi Jeeva Samadhi is separately present near the temple.

    • Sundararajan Mathanagopalan Says:

      Yes. Roma rishi’s jeeva samadhi is near vadivudai amman temple. It is located on the main road itself – Madan

      • ramesh palaniappan Says:

        Roma rishi has not yet and will never attain jeeva samadhi. The life time is very long. The word Roma means hair follicle, Roma rishi’s body is fully covered with hair. When all the hair follicles are shed, the jeeva samadhi will take place. But we all will not be there to see even one follicle shed also. We are all humans, human calender year consists of only 365 days. But Siddhars life year is some what different. The shrine near vadivudai amman temple, holds a very big statue of my guru Roma rishi. It is not a jeeva samadhi.

  44. aranthanki Sankar Says:

    Guruve saranam- aranthanki sankar- Anybody wants to know more about the sidha arputhangal by shri agathiyaperuman- you can read naadi sollum kathaigal Part 1 to 5(written by Shri Hanumathdasan) call me – 9444160161 chennai

  45. krishnan Says:

    Please give a write up about all Chittars and their significance

  46. jagadeeswaran T Says:

    Hi hari,

    Very fine, pls see that you give a spl note on the siddhar’s bith star also. It will be fine if it is an row and column wise format so that it can be downloaded and converted to .xls also. Jagadeeswaran T Chennai 94442 22418

  47. selvakumar Says:

    very good &very useful for all

  48. ramesh palaniappan Says:

    Indeed a very good website, i like this website very much. We could bring out a nice hand out to people interested. I run a magazine called coin treasure magazine. I can do all the help regarding dtp and template preparation and in printing the copies too.

    warm wishes.

  49. Jegan Says:

    This is very great and eye opening information as guru geetha reads it is openness of one to learn from every and from nature as to see guru in them! ]

    However I’m excited to hear if we have live swamiji around and in Chennai.

    Thank you

  50. sundarrajan Says:

    Nice information. Thank you

  51. vaish Says:

    Awesome work. Thank you very much for Virtual Darshan of this jeeva samadhi temples.

  52. MVNS Murthy Says:

    Really excellent thanks to every body who have seen

  53. gayathri devi Says:

    i went to sakkarai amma sannadhi and pamban swamigal sannadhis. you have mentioned the correct route and timings. it was very useful. thank you very much. kindly continue such good services

  54. Guru Says:

    Great effort taken, thanks a lot pls keep updating, now only came to know siddhar temples in and around purasawakkam where i pass by but missed. Thank u once again.

  55. R.Senthilkumaran Says:

    Please refer your posting # 26

    Guru Dhakshinamoorthy swamigal jeeva samadhi temple tondaraipet chennai

    I haven’t visited but I saw the photograph of the post and Guru Dhakshinamoorthy swamigal. The original samadhi of Guru Dhakshinamoorthy swamigal is at Thiruvarur.

    Your total effort is to benefit people by guiding them go to samadhi’s to get the vibration of the Jeeva samadhi of a Guru, hence, kindly remove the places if you find it is not the original Jeevan samadhi but a referral worship centre. It will help the aspirant to avoid going there.

  56. raju Says:

    Near tiruttani railway station one can find jothi swamy ashramam, it is a jeeva samadhi.

  57. N GOPENDRAN Says:

    It is excellent collection of information about siddhar samadhigal in Chennai. Interested people can make use of it. In fact I am in search of such information. Develop and continue such service. Let you get blessings of siddhargal.

  58. p k srinivasan Says:

    excellent information provided for siddhar jeeva samadh in chennai.i. Keep up the good work .

  59. Bala Says:

    It is a quiet elaborate list. People with spritual inclination will find it very useful, I will also like to add one more siddhar peetam @ madipakkam Lakshmi nagar 2nd street. Srila sri koti swamigal aalayam. He is considered to the saint of Highest order.

    • venkatesh .g Says:

      For information…. Srila Sri Sri Kodi Swamigal jeeva samadhi is located in puravipalayam near pollachi…which is around 51 KM’s from coimbatore.. ..

  60. Vishnu Says:

    Deep obeisance to this soul who compiled this list. It is definitely uplifting to see this big list (>50) of people in human body freed themselves from samsara and attained union with the infinite entity/God/Paramatma. When ever I start searching / reading in similar directions, I come across such beings in every place in almost all states of India. This is a list of Chennai region. How many in Tamilnadu and whole of India. It is only humbling and encouraging that final destination is reachable and such a journey is possible now-a-days.

    I believe these are all actual Jiva Samadhi temple. If there is any temple which is not Jiva Samadhi place, it could be tagged so. Thank you again.

  61. muthusamy, 24A Upstairs, Chatram street, Tuticorin -2 Says:

    is there any web site containing the locations and brief write up on jeevasamathis in india

  62. Padma Says:

    Very useful information.
    Is there any jeeva samathai which can help us to know the prvious soul and current soul’s karma.

  63. Bala Says:

    Thanks for

  64. Satish Ramaswamy Says:

    Thank u so much

  65. Nirmal N Says:

    Dear All,
    I request you all to visit Venugopalswamy Jeeva Samathi at Rajakilpakkam near Tambaram. Swamiji attained mukthi before 60 years at this place. It is located in between Camp Road near Tambaram and Rajakilpakkam. which is exactly opposite to Shell bunk, Rajakilpakkam and next to Punjab National Bank ATM.


  66. Nàlìnàs Says:

    Thank you….good information .

  67. ChiranJeevi Says:

    I would like to add Vyakkarapadhar SIddhar Samadhi at Vyakkapuriswarar temple located at pulipakkam near by Chengalpattu toll plaza. From toll plaza the temple is right side top of the hill towards south NH Road.

    thanks to all.

  68. msureshraman Says:


    Good usefull information.

    Does any one know any siddha purushas alive and can I meet him.
    I missed Lord Gnanavallal Sri Mootai swamigal.

  69. vadivalagan Says:

    I required the story of kannapa swamy at kavakarai

    • R.Kumar Says:

      I visited Jeevasamadhi temple of Sri Mounaguru Kannappa Swamy at Kavangarai this evening. When I requested the book relating to the story of the saint, the Temple staff asked me to come and get the book next day being Amavasya. The temple is located in a serene atmosphere. Buses plying towards Redhills can be boarded and you have to alight at Kavankarai Bus stop where the arch showing the Swamy’s image at the entrance of the main road. Straight road and right side to be turned for proceeding to the temple. You might have come across the picture of young picture of the saint but not recognised Him.

  70. Narsipatnam, Visakhapatnam Dist. - 531116 Says:

    thanks for information


    34.Malayala swamigal jeeva samadhi temple Guduvancherry chennai

    The address is:
    Kanchipuram district, guduvanchery, no 6, nandhipuram,
    No 108, kulakarai street, nandhiswarar colony


    Another jeeva samadhi in guduvanchery
    Mambalam vandi saamiyar
    Address: near malliswaram temple in nandhivaram

  73. R.Kumar Says:

    Sir, I have seen one Jeeva Samadhi of Siddhar near Sathyavijayanagaram, locally called Nagaram of Tiruvannamalai district(Behind old Rani Mandapam now housing Govt. staff Training Institute). The details of that Saint may kindly be collected by devotees who are residing near that place. I have also heard one Madurai Samy Jeevasamadhi near St.Mary’s Girls Matriculation School at Perambur. The authenticity and history may be checked up and uploaded for the benefit of divine seekers.

  74. R.Kumar Says:

    As for Sri Moun Guru Kannappa Swamigal, great saint at Kavankarai, Puzhal, Chennai, may be logged on.

  75. R.Kumar Says:

    Book about the leelas took place during the time of Sri Mouna Guru Kannappa Swamigal at a subsidised price is available at the temple.

  76. Ayyappan Says:

    Very good information shared

  77. Arumugam Says:


  78. Yoga Naayak Says:

    upayogamana thagaval\

  79. P. K Suresh Says:

    Please refer my face book I have a lot of Jiva samadi photos. My E mail

  80. jayamsharavanakumar Says:

    Thanks for this memorable collection of siddhar informations. Very useful information. Have you got a book of all the siddhars info. Regards. Saravanakumar k, 09600172512.
    Please send info to purchase the books.

  81. Senthilkumar Adigalar Says:

    சீவன் என சிவன் என்ன வேறில்லை சீவனார் சிவனாரை அறிகிலர் சீவனார் சிவனாரை அறிந்தபின் சீவனார் சிவனாயிட்டு இருப்பரே

    என்றென்றும் அன்புடன்
    அ.செந்தில் குமார்

  82. Visalatchi Nandagopal Says:

    Great Effort and good job… when we were searching for the Sidhar temples in Chennai… We found this page… Thank you so much..


    Visalatchi Nandagopal

  83. Prithivi Raj Says:

    Good .

  84. Kumaresan T S Says:

    Very useful information which people should aware of the saints – siddhars – Our next generations may not even know their powers and associations with god and the intimacy they have…..

  85. S.DURAIRAAJ Says:

    Siddhars are still living and their lives never end. Last week I went to the Jeevasamadhi of Pamban Swamigal at Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.

    I had the desire to go to this holy shrine for the past several years and it was fulfilled only last week.

    During full moon day,we can see Pampan swamigal if we stay inside the shrine.

    Kantaguru kavasam of the Swamigal give peace of mind if it read in the morning.

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