Thank to my Guru Srimat Sadhananda Swamigal ,Who take me once-again to Inner Girivalam

One of My friend organised Tiruvannamalai Inner Girivalan carrying Panniru ThirumuRai book [ பன்னிரு திருமுறை ] in head on 14-06-2012 .


One Who carrying Panniru ThirumuRai book in head , He will get Guru wishes .Seshadri swamigal is carry book while going Girivalan .


Before start  he given Ruthratcham malai ,thiruneetru pouch , Thevasam book and Panniru ThirumuRai book  [ all 12 ThirumuRai  in one book ]




Nandi Face in Annamalai hills

Inside Inner Girivalam Panniru ThirumuRai book in head 

On vattaparai tiruvannamalai


This time also miracle image



Myself with Panniru Thirumurai


Entrance Kattu Siva cave


Sadu wearing Ruthratcham to my son Keerthinaathan,Who living in Annamalai hills


This Sadu Living in Annamalai hills side ,  Daily he is giving food & biscuits to Monkeys but another one Big service is cremating Sadu who leave is soul in Annamalai with help of lord Siva.


Inside Veppamaram Cave [neem tree Cave]




Other Image in


Last time Inner Girivalam :





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