I am wonder why all spiritual Gurus are in Himalaya …..

I got bliss from my periyappa Swami Gangandapuri  in Uttarkashi , Himalaya on November 15 2009 . See him there my blissful Spiritual journeys stated …

My father told about my periyappa Pn.Rathinasabapathi 1967 , he attend my sister meena birthaday .after that stated his Spiritual way from Sri Bhagavathi Amman temple in kanyakumari for few month , he also meet Devi Mayamma  too..

At that time Swami Madhuranandaji Maharaj  took him to his Vivekananda ashram in Vellimalai, Kalpady , Kanyakumari Dt.  From his guide he went 1968 to Uttarkashi  .

He was with Mouna guru swamigal at Uttarkashi   ,

he also serviced in sivananda ashram ganeshpuri , at that time swami chinmayananda also with him. Rishikesh sivananda ashram H. H. Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj given name as “Swami Gangandapuri  “ .

He was doing service & seva in & around ganeshpur, Uttarkashi. lot of GOD idol (swamy statue ) like Siva , Amman , Ganesh  ,Sani eswaran , Nagarajan install many temples . he also service in Uttarkashi siva temple too,  people in ganeshpur call him as “ANGREJI BABA” , because he will express in English only at that time…

but he like very much nagadevi god in ganeshpur village ..

Every year August 1st  one day expenses of Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham , Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal given by madurai members , In 1989 my father & mother went to haridwar for this ,at that time my father freely talking with Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal  , my father told that ‘ My his elder brother took sadhu living in Uttarkashi ‘ , immeditly Swamigal asked after this you are going to see him , but my father told ‘No’ , we are stay in haridwar for 3 days  but  Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal told ‘ This month sadhu  will not cross river , so now itself you want to go Uttarkashi and  see him ‘ .  This is first time my father went to Ganeshpur near Uttarkashi to see him . Next year Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal asks how is your elder brother in Uttarkashi.

20th October 1991 Uttarkashi An earthquake of magnitude 6.6, at that time his house fully destroyed ,but pillar save him , on his side small smiling lord murugan  image , after that he moved rishikesh take care by “Divine life society “ . At that time swami chinmayananda ask him to stay in chinmaya mission in Bangalore.



He have lot of devotees across India  & overseas but he never take any one as successor but 5 years before he call my mother to puja room in Madurai , he taken as disciples …

last month in my sister house chennai I ask My Swamiji while going back to uttarkashi ..

“ Why you given diksha to my mom ? “,

he just look me, after he told “ last Jenmam [ reincarnation ], she is with noble soul , at that time she also with us , she  ask .. so only i given to her..”

at that time my sister meena told me Swamy ji devoted Prof.rashime father said also told to her in Ganeshpur (Gavana) , uttarkashi  ‘ This woman lived in this place  and she sit under this tree.. he show tree to my sister …

i also asking mom to ask same Question to periyappa @ that time She said about him , While Studing in “tinnai class” in her village ,his teacher … will do siva pooja daily  ,after that only he will teach class .. at that time too she will help him.. while conceive me she went thiruvannamalai girivalam , read lot of book like sekkizhar periyapuranam , ramayanam , mahabharat , geeta …

Now he is 88 yr’s old in Ganeshpur (Gavana)  , but he is not taken food & medicine for last 5 day’s ..He Join with HIS MASTERS on 28 May 2014….

We all pray spiritual Guru’s in Himalaya for him …….

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