Now Many people asking me..  
How to find my Guru ?..  
This 4 Video will have answers to your questions 
This Video will change your life… 


How he saw his Guru Yogi RamSurathkumar … 

Yogi RamSurathkumar What you want from this beggar..
Balakumaran  Sir i can earn money ,earn frames , but i don’t know whether god exists . you please tell me..
Yogi RamSurathkumar : Balakumaran asking Show me GOD ..This Begger will try…

Just watch this YouTube by Writer Balakumaran .. 

Part4    Part5   Part6

“Unnaiyarinthaal”- உன்னையறிந்தால்… 

 ‘Very Very Easy to See yourself ‘ Just 3 step.. 

    1. Nadi suddhi  , 

   2. Pranayama
   3. Find see Yourself inside you ( Who is asking this question ,where he ? find that point…)