About Railway Gurunsamy sri sadagopa ramanujam Madurai 


In 1950 (In Mithunam 1125 M.E.), at sabarimala the original Ayyappan stone idol and much of the temple were destroyed in a fire. Only The 18 steps to the shrine survived the fire and then renovated the temple .

consecration was done in the year 1951 with a new idol in Pancha Loha (an alloy of five metals) and also Malikappurathamma, Valiyakatuththa swami, Kochukatuththa Swami and Karuppai Amma were installed during the month of Edava (May –June) by Shri Kantaru Sankararu, the then Thanthri.

We should also remember that under the leaders of Akhila Bhartha Ayyappa Seva Sangam,Sri.Neelakanta iyer , Nawab Rajamanikkam pillai , Maharaja of Pandalam dynasty,  P. T. Rajan Madurai and also Madurai Railway Gurunsamy sri sadagopa ramanujam .

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Sri Sadagopa Ramanujam swami who along with the late P T.Rajan swami of Madurai who were instrumental in getting the Thiruvabharanam placed on the specially built podium built by ABASS and having it worshipped by pandi nadu bhaktas.

At same time an ‘Ayyappa Jyothi’ was ceremoniously taken around Kerala and Tamilnadu by the devotees for the first time, to generate public awareness, interest and involvement in the temple construction. This was the first turning point from which the influx to the Sabarimala Temple had started growing many folds especially from the southern states of India . Now It is world’s second largest annual pilgrimage, after Mecca.

Every year on Makara Jothi day, Lord Ayyappa’s Thiruvabharanam (jewelers) box keeping in Madurai Railway group Gurunsamy sri sadagopa ramanujam Sanctum in Periyanavattam . At Periyanavattam a special puja is done, song is performed by the bhaktas and Lunch is provided to Maharaja of Pandalam dynasty and then the jewelers box is taken from Periyanavattam to Pamba.

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In my 18th year to Sabarimala (14/1/1995) ..  I ask my father, can I go along Thiruvabharanam Box from Pandalam to Sabarimala with railway group madurai, my father asked members and current Gurusamy is son of sri sadagopa ramanujam, railway group, Gurusamy told, “You are beloved to sri sadagopa ramanujam, your son can come along with us “, When we are staring in Pandalam with ayyappa gurusamy 12/1/1995 @12.30

I spotted eagles beautifully flying in the vast sky, where there were NO signs of OTHER birds or other eagles flying!! Logic was defied. Wherever box is go it will come, In fact these eagles kept flying till the jewelers box reached the Periyanavattam.

This is first time I saw Makara Jothi in my lifetime. The best place to witness the Makara Jothi darshan need to stand in the riverside in Periyanavattam. This is very rare Link between Lord Ayyappa’s and me.

[ Pic : Thiruvabharanam box @ poonthottam (pamba river bed) near Parayanavataman ( 14/1/1995 )

my 18th year waking form pandalam [ box] to To sabarimala with Madurai Guru Sadagopan Ramanujam sami group.. iam left first person ]