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old posting now re- blogging ..

All Siddhar will come at 8 pm on pournami day in madurai meenakshi temple

with bless of my GURU & thank to my mom & dad [ Goddess Meenakshi child…  ]  in 7 July 1995 Meenakshi Temple kumbabishekam  time ,  i  touch  sundareswarar  and Meenakshi amma too    and also In my mind say “Jeeva Samadhi in Meenakshi  temple ” thing only .. but now only , i got evidence from SoSo Mee Sundram ayya …

now personally tell this to all in this tamil new year..  if any person pray in madurai temple… we get all thing ..

The Hidden secrets of  Meenakshi Temple

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Thiru SoSo Mee Sundram Ayya,,told “16 Siddhar Jeeva Samadhi  inside madurai meenakshi temple on youtube speech Madurai Thirutthala Perumai” … please play 98 min also below pic too….

7 minutes speech tamil  Audio mp3 

Translate :

16 Siddhar Jeeva Samadhi  inside madurai meenakshi temple .. 10 years before one person not wearing shirt coming on pournami day round around temple ..he is siddhar & also we can see him @ night 12 pm on shivaratri  in north tower ( moti gopuram muniyandi)  .. 

He told that “16 Siddhar Jeeva Samadhi only place is Madurai temple… 

very important Samadhi  is chockalingam swami sannathi { sundareswarar }” when you go near to him you can feel vibration ..lokanathan friend from foreign also said same…… 

also said nandi near 1000 pillar mandapam , next near meenakshi  kodimaram ther will be thirumalai nayakar lawdown … kasi viswanathar sannathi .. ayya told 16 but i don’t know ..

when we came begin swamy sannathi  there lot of siva lingam there we find one siva lingam facing east & south ..this two are guru and shishya Jeeva Samadhi .. other one corner we see adhiparasakthi this too a Jeeva Samadhi ..

All Siddhar will come at 8 pm on pournami day ..

This Hidden secrets message in 98 minutes

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